The objective of the school is to bring together people of all races, regardless of creed, color or age through the    training of Chinese Martial Arts as well as knowledge of the history and culture from which this Art originated.

   The preliminary training requires hours of hard practice. The lessons are directed towards the individual's ability of    learning.


   All training begins with a systematic teaching and practice of pre-arranged exercises that stimulate body conditioning    and promote the proper use of Chi which can later be used in various defenses, attacks, and counter attacks. It not    only emphasizes physical development but also exposes the students to the many  concepts of mental and spiritual    well being; whereby an increase in confidence, patience and inner tranquility is formed.

   The structural aspect of the school is based on the "Family Style". With each applicant, there will be an additional    member to the family. By working together, this school will give everyone a better understanding of  living in    harmony through the sharing and caring for each other's well being. Thus, relationships developed, will undoubtedly    last a life time.


   The school is associaed with the Lam Cho Physical Training School, Su Kune Martial Arts Athletic Association,    Sheumg Ming Bonesetter and Herbalist Clinic and all its member associations of the Hung Gar Fu- Hok System as    well as the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association.


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